On Your Knees

For over 35 years you have faithfully carried us through the most challenging situations with your prayers. As Nik Ripken Ministries launch into a period of great transition, we need you more than ever to remain a full-time partner through sacrificial prayer.

Often readers of “The Insanity of God” book share with us their favorite story. A most favored account involves Believers in China who asked if people in other countries experience persecution similar to theirs. Nik shared with them concerning the serious persecution of Muslim background believers across North Africa and the Middle East.  At daybreak Nik awoke to a loud commotion, rushed to enter the courtyard, expecting to find the security police rounding up all the men and women attending this gathering.  Instead he was amazed to witness the 150 leaders of house churches from across that region laying on the ground crying and calling out to God for their believing brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe. Their response to Nik’s information challenges us to take prayer much more seriously. These Chinese believers stated,  “After having your testimony we promise God that we will get up an hour earlier each morning to pray for those who are really persecuted.”

We are excited to guide Nik Ripken Ministries as it moves forward in sharing about the Body of Christ with churches, schools, and families both on this side of the globe and among believers in persecution globally. We want to be with you and those with whom you worship with in the months ahead.  We long to return, sitting again with believers who are living in places of persecution who have mentored us for years.

Your faithful prayers and partnership are critical, as we connect you with your brothers and sisters who live in persecution. If you have a prayer list will you put Nik Ripken Ministries on it? If you have a prayer room will you add Nik Ripken Ministries in it? If you have a prayer group will you allow Nik Ripken Ministries to be a part of it?

In the days ahead we will be sharing serious prayer requests with you.  We will send specific ways you can partner with us that can only grow out of fervent prayer.

The best way to lift us up is to kneel down.


Nik and Ruth