How Do You Know?

“The essence of salvation and baptism are often controversial. When so many cultures view truth and relationships so differently, how do we know what comprises an authentic profession of faith in Jesus?”

This is our last episode of Witness & Persecution with Nik and Ruth Ripken Season 1! We’ll be taking a three week break as we recharge, restrategize, and reimagine how we can best use this platform to glorify the Kingdom. We’ll be coming back with new episodes and series the week of July 8th. So mark your calendars! We also have a ton of new and game-changing updates coming to Nik Ripken Ministries, such as new resources, a new website, and new products. To stay up to date, follow us on our socials or check out our website – all listed below!

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Sheep Among Wolves | Nik Ripken’s Speech at Liberty University’s Convocation

This is the newest episode of Witness & Persecution with Nik and Ruth Ripken. This is a previously recorded speech from Liberty University’s Convocation Ceremony titled, “Sheep Among Wolves”. We thought it was a powerful message for anyone graduating, entering a new season of life, or needing some encouragement as we continue to walk this life as Jesus’ followers, carrying the Good News across the streets and across the oceans. Listen in as Nik challenges students on what it truly means to share the Gospel in the hardest places on the planet. If you’d like to learn more about our ministry, you can learn more at _______________________________________ On September 15, 2014, at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Nik Ripken addressed the student body at Liberty University. Nik kicked off Global Focus Week with recounts of his life as a believer and work overseas in Somalia. He talked about heavy lessons he learned about sharing the word of the Lord and the persecution of faith in Somalia. He challenged the students to share the word about the kingdom of God and to love their enemies. Nik and his wife Ruth are veteran overseas workers for over 30 years. Nik is also a bestselling author about faith in persecution.


In our world of unlimited streaming options and instant gratification, it’s easy to want “add-ons” to following Jesus. In this episode of Witness & Persecution with Nik and Ruth Ripken, join Nik as he discusses how we are tempted, whether in our own culture or on the mission field, to present the Gospel as “Jesus+” – trying to get material benefits from becoming a Christian beyond just getting Jesus Himself.

“Tell No One”

In this episode of Witness & Persecution with Nik and Ruth Ripken, Nik confronts one of the more confusing statements of Jesus regarding His identity and sharing the Good News: How do you know Jesus? And what is the most important thing about Jesus that you know?

The Lamb of God

Nik shares the story of getting to interview Samuel Lamb, one of the most spiritually impactful men of God in the Chinese Church. Nik recounts lessons learned from Samuel Lamb about faithfulness in the midst of severe and heartbreaking persecution.

You Don’t Have to Come Back

Christian culture has bought into this lie: “If you love and serve Jesus, you are entitled to a long life, free from serious injury or illness. And you’ll never have problems within your family.” Join Nik as he dives into what it truly means to be “crucified with Christ.”

Finding Paul & Esther

In western Christianity, we often fail to choose leaders in a biblical way. Persecuted believers also raise up and train leaders. Nik walks through the spiritual, biological, and cultural profiles of pastors, teachers, evangelists, and church planters in parts of the world defined by persecution.

Faith & Denial

Every persecuted believer gets knocked down at some point. Many of them, through Spirit-empowered victorious faith, get back up and stay in God’s story. The unfortunate reality, though, is that some deny their faith or—worse—fill the role of Judas as betrayer. Nik shares several stories about the experiences of individuals enduring persecution.

* For the safety of those mentioned in this episode, their names have either been changed or edited out.

Four Ways Christian Women Can Overcome Fear and Befriend Muslim Women

In light of Ramadan, we are sharing this episode from the Our Urban Voices podcast that Ruth Ripken was a part of. From her experience of over 35 years in missions, Ruth discusses four ways Christians can overcome fear. She also describes why Christian women must reach out to Muslim women with hospitality and what it means to love our neighbors well.

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Disciples Don’t Choose You

What is discipleship? Are you practicing it biblically? In this episode, Nik explores the true nature of biblical discipleship. Jesus modeled for us how to choose disciples, live in community, and raise up the next generation of leaders and workers. Learn more about our ministry at