Why Are the Unreached Unreached?

Persecution, extreme poverty, famine, war. Scared Christians. Nik examines the challenges keeping many unreached from hearing the Good News…

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Servants in the Crucible

The Church in the West has been entrusted with many resources vital to expanding and deepening the kingdom of God. Resources that encompass money, employment, the provision of education and a life in the West pale sadly against the gift of prayer and the giving of sons and daughters. The persecuted call the sending agencies and churches in the West to prayer, to sacrifice and to partner with their sufferings. These “findings” from believers in persecution lay the foundation for future books to be published.

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Biblical Lessons from the Persecuted Church

A biblical theology of persecution creates the framework within which we can develop a proper missiology of suffering which, in turn, will enable us to have “ears to hear” essential lessons on persecution from the persecuted church worldwide.

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The Two Sides of Pentecost

When the West sends workers to the nations, they are often terribly unprepared for the task. How do we prepare someone who has lived in a New Testament environment his or her entire life to get on an airplane and in a few short hours disembarks into an Old Testament world?

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Ten Lies the Church has Believed in Regard to Missions

Misunderstandings. Outright lies from the evil one. Nik says Satan is deceiving many in the West. We’ve even let these ten lies become part of the fabric of our churches, and if it doesn’t change soon, we’ll miss out on our rightful role to fulfill the Great Commission…

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Muslim Background Believers and Baptism

Baptizing new believers in a culture of violence will do one of two things – stop the growth of the church and generate unnecessary persecution, or spark the growth of a new community of faith. It’s a question of to whom does the new believer belong as well as WHO does the baptizing…

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Persecution: Normal and Expected

Believers from the West often rescue people from persecution instead of helping them be fearless in Christ. How do we live out a theology of suffering among the nations? Persecuted believers suggest we stay and take our risks among those who have yet to hear the gospel rather than becoming the Shepherd of those who are already in the kingdom…

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Recapturing a Missiology of Suffering

Persecution is normal, not the exception. Throughout the church’s history when people turn to Jesus, persecution happens. When that persecution comes, it should be for who Jesus is – not for other reasons…

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Don’t Take Them to Church

When you take a brand new believer to your church, you may be starving him to death. Nik challenges us to think beyond the walls of the church to ways we grow disciples who feed themselves with God’s Word and don’t depend on others to feed them.

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Dealing with Judas

Why is it that when an unreached people group begins to turn to God or a church is planted for the first time, Judas shows up? Do you move ahead in victory or shrink back in fearful retreat?

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