Redeeming the Breakfast Table with Daily Devotions

Nik and Ruth conclude a series on worship in the home by giving us a personal look into how they pray and worship around their breakfast table – whether as a couple, a family, with guests, and even the lost. Additionally, they share with listeners how they end their day in prayer and worship with a global perspective.

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Daily Devotions from Sunrise to Sunset

Nik Ripken and Ruth’s journey through worship within the context of their home offers a profound lesson in devotion, community, and empathy. Their morning rituals as a couple set the tone for the day, fostering intimacy with God. Family worship also deepens their connections with each other, their missionary team, and the church. Ruth Ripken emphasizes that establishing daily devotions is critical to the success of a missionary on the field:

It’s the relationship that I have with the Father that transcends all of those tools and all of those books… My time in the Word has to be the richest time that I have during the day. I think that’s something we need to figure out. It’s not that when you go to the mission field that there’s a magic wand… here’s what you need to do. You’re going to need to figure this out.

By sharing their table with both believers and non-believers, Nik and Ruth demonstrate the transformative power of love and acceptance. Their evening prayers, resonating with a global perspective, remind us of the wider world that calls for our empathy and intercession.

In embracing these practices, the Ripkens invite us to practice daily devotions in our everyday lives. Nik and Ruth’s insight into daily worship provides a roadmap for personal growth. They teach us that worship creates a deeper, more connected life with God and humanity.

Prayer Cards

The Ripkens base their daily devotions on four prayer cards each day. These cards hold the aspirations, worries, and dreams of those who choose to share their burdens. Whether you are working through worries, seeking strength, or simply longing for a sense of connection, consider reaching out to Nik and Ruth through a prayer card. The mailing address is PO Box 1414, Shelbyville, Kentucky 40066.