Reaching the Unreached Nations

Nik argues that believers cannot ignore the call to reach people from every tongue and tribe, simply for the sake of convenience. First, he challenges the common idea that funding should be reduced in unresponsive nations. Next, Nik redefines missionary success based on the depth of relationships formed and the transformative power of sharing the story of the resurrection over a shared meal. In summary, this episode is about reaching the unreached nations.

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Embrace the Great Commission

The Great Commission compels believers to go into all the world and make disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:19-20). Yet, it is tempting to focus our efforts on the places where the response is more immediate and where the journey is easier. However, Nik reminds us that missionary work does not need to be convenient or comfortable. On the contrary, mission boards must support work in places that are hard to reach.

Countering the Funding Conundrum

Mission board leaders sometimes face a difficult decision when allocating resources to different nations. The prevailing notion recommends reducing financial support in unresponsive nations, as if the absence of immediate results indicates failure. Nik challenges this notion and redirects our attention to the true measure of success.

Rather than measuring success solely by the number of conversions or the growth of churches, he proposes a paradigm shift. Specifically, we can measure success by the depth of relationships built, the lives transformed, and the number of times missionaries engage in sharing the stories of Jesus while breaking bread in the homes of the people they are serving.

Nik emphasizes the significance of storytelling and personal connection as catalysts for transformation. By sitting down with people, sharing a meal, and engaging in genuine conversations, missionaries create spaces for trust, vulnerability, and the exploration of faith. This organic approach allows for a deep understanding of cultural contexts and individual needs, fostering sustainable change from within.

Perhaps the ultimate measure of success should be how many times a missionary gets to witness the transformative power of the resurrection while sharing stories of the resurrection. When lives are resurrected from despair, hopelessness, and brokenness, the impact extends far beyond mere conversions. Above all, planting churches improves and repairs families, communities, and entire nations.

Redefine Success

The Great Commission challenges us to go beyond boundaries, language barriers, and cultural differences. Nik Ripken urges us to embrace a new measure of success. In this new mode, the power of shared experiences, storytelling, and the resurrection become the cornerstones of our mission work. This is how we can reach the unreached and transform lives, one meal and one story at a time.