It’s Time

Nik Ripken steps forward, confronting one of the most compelling statements one can hear: “It’s time.” He poses a series of introspective questions, inviting you to truly reflect: “In this very moment, what decisive action does obedience demand of you? Which unresolved situations is God urging you to make peace with? And where in your life is God beckoning you to take a bold leap of faith?”

With sincerity and vulnerability, Nik delves into his and Ruth’s personal odyssey, revealing how they discerned that “it’s time” to wholly surrender and align themselves with Christ’s directives. Their story serves not just as a testimony, but as a beacon of inspiration for all who seek a life of genuine faithfulness.

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In this episode of the Witness and Persecution podcast, hosts Nik and Ruth Ripken discuss the importance of recognizing when it’s time to make significant life changes for the sake of the gospel. They share personal stories of their own “it’s time” moments, including their decision to serve overseas, their experiences in Somalia, and their commitment to work with persecuted believers. Nik emphasizes the urgency of spreading the gospel, particularly in America where 50% of the population reportedly does not believe in God. He also encourages listeners to forgive, reconcile with estranged family members, and to cross cultural and geographical boundaries to share the love of Jesus. The Nik Ripken urges listeners to consider what “it’s time” for in their own lives and to act in obedience to God’s calling.