Erskin Anavitarte and Nik Ripken

Is He Worth It? with Erskin Anavitarte and Nik Ripken

In 2020 Nik Ripken had the amazing opportunity of co-penning the song Is He Worth It? with acclaimed, Nashville based singer and songwriter Erskin Anavitarte along with Laura Allen and Matt Papa. The song was written in hopes that it will challenge Christians who have not been persecuted for their faith to fearlessly share the Gospel, standing in solidarity with those that are suffering for their Christian beliefs. 

The song received positive feedback and on March 15th of this year, Nik Ripken Ministries once again partnered with Erskin for the release of the music video of Is He Worth it? The video was directed by Jonathan Baker and produced by Luke Harvey and features scenes from the 2016 Nik Ripken documentary The Insanity of God which tells the true story of Nik and Ruth Ripken’s journey of being taught by believers in persecution how to love and follow Jesus even when it doesn’t make sense. 

Watch the latest video where Erskin interviews Nik Ripken as his special guest as they dive deep into some of the very real questions and even doubts that many believers wrestle with and the inspiration behind the making of this song. In this interview, Nik shares some very powerful stories of the many people that he’s met along the way that have found the joy of suffering for Jesus and ultimately asking and answering the question is loving Jesus worth it?