Cultivate Faith at Home With Family Worship

Whether you are overseas or in the Bible Belt of America, worship in homes is one of the most basic and crucial components of healthy believers. Nik and Ruth and their grandsons, Jonah and Maddox, model the joy-filled and simple practice of family devotions. Come join them in their living room as they show you how to worship and pray together as a family!

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The Foundation of Family Worship

Nik Ripken’s journey as a missionary has led him to realize that the intimacy of a family setting often builds strong faith foundations. Regardless of whether they are ministering in a foreign land or in their own community, Nik and Ruth Ripken hold family worship as an essential aspect of their daily lives. This practice strengthens their own faith and passes down a legacy of devotion to the next generation.

The Inclusivity of Worship

One of the remarkable aspects of Nik Ripken’s family worship is its inclusivity. Gathered in their living room, Nik, Ruth, and their grandsons Jonah and Maddox display the unity and closeness they share as a family. In this room, age, experience, and knowledge are irrelevant—everyone’s voice is heard, and every heart is engaged in worship. Nik believes that faith is not exclusive to adults. Even the youngest members of the family can contribute their unique perspectives and prayers.

Scripture-Centered Devotions

Central to the Ripken family’s worship is the Word of God. Nik takes time to read and reflect on passages from the Bible and other Christian authors. This fosters a culture of deep engagement with the Scriptures. Through open discussions, each family member shares their insights, questions, and personal revelations inspired by the reading. This interactive exchange not only encourages spiritual growth but also nurtures an environment where everyone’s thoughts are valued and respected.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is another cornerstone of Nik Ripken’s family worship. The family members take turns praying for one another, their community, and the world at large. This act of intercession strengthens their bond as they collectively pour out their hearts before God. In their prayers, the family not only seeks guidance and protection but also demonstrates their shared commitment to being a force for positive change in the world.

Modeling for the Next Generation

As Nik and Ruth Ripken engage in family worship, they intentionally model a lifestyle of faith for their grandsons. Through their actions, they show the young boys what it means to prioritize God in their lives. This modeling is a powerful way of passing down values, beliefs, and practices that will shape the future of their family’s faith journey.

From Mission Field to Living Room

Nik Ripken’s leadership in family worship serves as an inspiring example of how believers can cultivate faith within the intimacy of their own homes. The simplicity, inclusivity, and joy we see here strengthens their bonds of love and faith. Whether on the mission field or within the confines of their own living room, the Ripken family reminds us that nurturing faith at home is a vital practice that shapes the lives of believers and generations to come.