Why are the Unreached Unreached?

With the modern missionary movement shifting into high gear, attempting to access unreached peoples, it is advisable to pause and ask, “What are the obstacles to giving a viable Christian witness to those who have never heard?” New buzz words abound as the AD 2000 movement, and others, lead the evangelical community to look through the “10/40 window,” striving for a “church” for every people group by the year 2000.

Looking at the obstacles to reaching the unreached will move mission personnel beyond sticking pins in maps, gaining institutional satisfaction from the initial command to “Go.” “Going” is substantially easier than “staying,” developing a viable long-term Christ-like presence among those who have yet to hear clearly, especially where many are openly hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Recognizing the hindrances that would allow the Gospel to take root among unreached peoples will enable mission agencies, churches and missionaries to plan means overcoming these obstacles.

What are some of those obstacles, not necessarily in their order of importance?

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