Should We Reach Our Own Country First?

Are the needs of the lost so great in America that we need to reach our own country first? Nik says no. If we wait to completely unite America as believers before we go to other nations, he explains, we will not fulfill the Great Commission as Christ commanded.

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An Excuse Not to Evangelize

When it comes to sharing one’s faith with others, there are often a variety of excuses that people use to avoid evangelizing. One of the most common excuses is the idea that we need to focus on the needs of our own country first, before we can think about spreading the gospel to other nations.

This excuse is not a new one, and it is often rooted in a sincere desire to meet the needs of those in our own communities. After all, there are many challenges and struggles that people face in our own countries. Our neighbors face poverty, homelessness, addiction, and other issues that can be difficult to overcome.

However, while it is certainly important to address these issues, we should not use them as an excuse to avoid evangelism altogether.

For Love of God and Country

In fact, the call to share the gospel transcends national boundaries and cultural differences. It is a task that Christ has called all Christians to participate in.

For most people, a local commitment to local evangelism is not the honest reply to avoid going among the nations.

“I cannot go to the nations until all of those spiritual needs of a nation are met…” means I’ll never go to the nations because we’ll never meet the needs.

In other words, while it is important to address the needs of our own communities, we should never use this as an excuse to avoid sharing the gospel with others. Instead, we should strive to be faithful to the call of Christ, and to share His message of hope and salvation with everyone we encounter, whether they are in our own communities or in other nations around the world.

Ultimately, the excuse not to evangelize is not a valid one, and it is important for us to recognize this and to step out in faith. We’ll have to trust that God will use our efforts to spread His message of love and grace to all who need it.

“It is an excuse that most people find acceptable,” Nik explains.

Why Does God Allow Tragedy?

As difficult as it may be to understand, God can use tragedy to draw people to Himself. He can use it to show His love and compassion to those who are hurting. He can also use it to bring about change and transformation in our lives:

We know that oftentimes, God will bring tragedy in the lives of those who say no in order to let them reconsider about the Kingdom of God. God will often bring arrest and persecution in the lives of us believers to send us as a witness to the high places of government.

Nik shares a word of warning for those reluctant to share the gospel with other nations.

“If we don’t scatter ourselves, God cares so much for lost people that he will scatter us himself.”