It’s Time to Stop Playing Church

In a world where the pursuit of religious activities can sometimes overshadow the true essence of faith, Nik Ripken suggests it’s time to stop playing church. He challenges us to move beyond the mere performance of religious rituals and delve into the radical call to authentic faith.

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Nik Ripken’s Journey of Faith

The power of a single moment can shape our understanding of faith and influence our spiritual journey. In Nik Ripken’s life, such a moment occurred on an Easter Sunday when he was just 11 years old. As he sat in the church service, captivated by the pastor’s sermon on the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, a profound realization dawned upon him. However, his subsequent observation of the congregation’s lack of engagement led him to question the reality of the resurrection and view the story of Christ as nothing more than fiction.

An Upsetting Revelation

As Nik Ripken listened to the pastor’s message on the betrayal of Judas and the crucifixion of Jesus, a deep sense of upset welled up within him. Specifically, he empathized with the pain and suffering Jesus endured and felt a burning desire to share this profound revelation with others.

Disillusionment and Doubt

However, Nik’s excitement soon waned as he looked around the large church filled with people seemingly disengaged, doodling in their bulletins, and not giving much attention to the message. This disheartening sight led him to question the authenticity and significance of the resurrection story. He began to view it as a mere “once-upon-a-time” tale rather than a genuine, life-changing event.

Navigating a Crisis of Faith

The realization that many people treated the resurrection as a fictional story left Nik in a crisis of faith. As a result, he grappled with doubts and struggled to reconcile his youthful energy and anger about what happened to Christ with the apparent indifference of those around him. The depth of his faith was challenged, and he sought answers to understand the truth.

A Journey of Rediscovery

In the midst of his doubts, Nik embarked on a journey of rediscovering the reality of the resurrection. Later in life, he delved into Scripture, sought the wisdom of trusted mentors, and engaged in deep introspection. Nik pursued a deeper understanding of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Eventually, he began to encounter profound encounters and experiences that shattered his skepticism and reignited his faith.

Embracing the Truth

Through his exploration, Nik Ripken gradually embraced the truth. He realized that the resurrection of Christ was not a fictional story but a powerful, life-altering reality. He realized that the indifference of others did not diminish the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice. Instead, it revealed the brokenness of humanity and the need for individuals to encounter the resurrected Christ personally.

Impact on Nik Ripken’s Life and Ministry

This pivotal moment in Nik Ripken’s spiritual journey had a profound impact on his life and ministry. It fueled his passion to share the reality of Christ’s resurrection with others, particularly those facing persecution and hardships. He became a voice for the persecuted Church. To this day, Nik carries the message of hope and transformation that comes from an authentic encounter with the risen Savior.

It’s Time to Stop Playing Church

Nik Ripken’s experience reminds us that our understanding of faith can be influenced by the responses of those around us. However, through his journey of rediscovery, Nik Ripken found the truth of the resurrection to be a powerful, life-changing reality. His story inspires us to seek the truth for ourselves and to share this truth with passion and conviction.