Local Outreach

Local Outreaach

Local Outreach

After almost 30 years overseas we can certainly say that it is a great honor and pleasure to walk with Jesus among the nations. But it is just as great an honor to walk across the street to share Christ with your neighbor. A large percentage of people in America, along with most of the Western world, do not believe that Jesus is the son of God, nor is he the only way to eternal life.

While this statement applies to Americans especially, God is also bringing the nations to our doorstep. Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and all other religions are flocking to America. In many cases we have not been faithful to go to them so God has brought them to us – giving us a second chance to reach them for Christ. These websites will help you in reaching the nations that now are next door to you.

Work hard to get in a local church and a Bible study group that loves the Lord and has a high degree of accountability. Jesus has called us to go locally and globally. It is the height of folly to take Christ across the oceans while failing to share him with our neighbors who live just across the street.

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